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WeddingBox Lake Como

Jade & Tim’s Testimonial…

I was absolutely astounded by the ease of planning my wedding, because basically Sally and Gemma from Weddingbox did pretty much everything. From the samples, suggestions to carrying out the bookings, services and finally to the actual event, their responsiveness and services were carried out to beyond maximum and always with great efficiency and with smiles and warmth.

We had changed our minds quite a bit to the extent where you would reasonably expect them to get rather annoyed, flustered, stressed – but they took everything in their stride and a turnaround during planning was always less than 24 hours. It was literally as if they dropped everything on earth to answer your emails, your requests, to gather details and information for you – it really felt this way.

On the day of the event itself, everything was already perfectly aligned and set up apparently, as I was assured by the first guests to arrive. At dinner, there were some glitches with guests turning up unexpected, being late, forgetting the table names, etc. – Sally and Gemma were there, reacted immediately with a solution and again, always with smiles and warmth. Right until the very end, I slowly realized that Sally and Gemma were still there, past midnight I’m guessing, to make sure things were really fine and all is smooth and working; fantastic services beyond what was paid for!

There was not a fault I can find with Weddingbox and I am very confident, with the ease, professionalism and cheerfulness they interacted with our wedding planning and the wedding itself, that they have done and will do the same for countless lucky couples’ weddings. I cannot stress enough how happy we have been with them and again, a massive thank you to Sally and Gemma for this.